Travel Resources

Planning for travel whether it be a business trip or a dream vacation can require planning and research. Use these handy travel resources to ensure you are fully prepared for your next great adventure!

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Planning an event requires immaculate attention-to-detail, precision, creativity and of course a lot of time – a resource that most organizations invariably are short of. Jetways Travels steps in for many such organizations and assists them in organizing and conducting remarkable events on just about every level and scale.

Each aspect of conducting an event – right from the inception stage to planning the most minute details to making the actual arrangements at the selected venue, arranging for the necessary permits and certificates from the governing bodies and arranging transport and accommodations wherever required - is taken care of in a consistent and professional manner.

Be it a product launch, a trade show, an opening of a new branch or outlet, a promotional event or road shows, Jetways Travels is there with you all the way. At the same time, care is taken to reduce expenditure by dipping into resources from our expansive database of preferred suppliers and booking channels.

Furthermore, as a Jetways Travels client, corporations benefit not just from the creative minds and professional expertise of Spice Creations, our very own exclusive event management business wing, but also from special discounts and our trademark HTIM Solutions – a suite of dedicated services such as Destination Intelligence, Crisis Communication, Traveller Services and Program Optimization.