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Aviation News

Vistara has launched an industry-first service, #VistaraWomanFlyer, to make the skies friendlier for solo women travellers. This service is designed to make the whole experience of flying safer for women travelling alone and includes preferred seats, and baggage & transport assistance on arrival at the destination.

Assignment of Preferred Seats

While all travellers have the option of seat selection during booking and web check-in, Vistara ensures that solo women travellers are assigned only aisle or windows seats, even if they have not utilized the facility.

Baggage & Transport Assistance


On arrival at the destination airport, Vistara will hereon, provide baggage and transport assistance to any solo women travellers who have flown Vistara. Flyers can approach the Uniformed Vistara Staff with #VistaraWomanFlyer Arrivals Assistance placards at the Baggage Claim Area to get assistance with luggage and booking of airport-authorized taxis. The Vistara service does not end with just that, the staff also escort such flyers to the taxi stand on request.

Terms & Conditions of #VistaraWomanFlyer:

  • This is an optional complimentary service for female customers travelling alone or with children on a Vistara flight.
  • Vistara staff are present in the baggage claim area for all arriving flights, holding a “#VistaraWomanFlyer Assistance” placard, and should be approach if assistance is sought.
  • The service includes (i) luggage assistance upon arrival (ii) arranging a taxi from airport authorised taxi providers at the arrival/connecting station (iii) Vistara staff escorting the customer till the taxi stand.
  • The taxi fare must be borne by the customer herself.
  • Vistara forgoes any responsibility/ liability once the customer exits the airport premises.


For additional information, visit or contact Jetways at

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Emirates and flydubai have announced their plans to enter an extensive partnership agreement with each other. This agreement will see the two Dubai-based airlines join forces to offer customers enhanced travel options, with each airline working to leverage each other’s network in order to scale up their operations and accelerate growth.

One of the points of focus will be on integrated collaboration of networks to coordinate scheduling of flights. They will work towards the development of their hub at the Dubai International Airport and work to align their systems and operations to ensure seamless connectivity and enhance the overall travel experience.

Both airlines will also collaborate on issues related to commercial, network planning, airport operations, customer journey, and the alignment of their frequent flyer programmes.

Furthermore, together, Emirates and flydubai will provide customers a broader array of destinations to fly to with seamless connectivity. Emirates connects Dubai to 157 destinations across the world, while flydubai connects to 95 destinations in the region. Combined, the airlines will connect 216 unique destination points.

By 2022, the combined network of Emirates and flydubai is expected to reach 240 destinations, served by a combined fleet of 380 aircraft.

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American Airlines has announced the launch of new Baggage Alerts that notifies flying guests about the status of their checked baggage. The notification, officially known as the Customer Baggage Notification or CBN also notifies guests if the bag is on the same plane or not, shortly after landing at the destination airport.

According to a Press Release issued by American Airlines on its website, guests flying the American Airlines receive three types of alerts:

  • Early Baggage Arrival – This message alerts customers that their bag arrived before them and directs them to pick up their bag at the Baggage Service Office (BSO).
  • Late Baggage Arrival – Go to the Baggage Service Office. This message directs customers, for example those with an international segment in their reservation, to see an agent at the BSO.
  • Late Baggage Arrival – Mobile Baggage Order (MBO). This message advises customers to fill out a Mobile Baggage Order, or MBO, on their mobile device. The automated MBO asks for the customer’s delivery details and a bag description to help expedite reuniting the customer with their items. By using the MBO, customers no longer need to stop at the BSO to file a claim.

"To receive alerts, customers can use the American Airlines App, sign up for an AAdvantage® account or provide contact information during booking or check-in", the press release continued.

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New Flight Launches

Jet Airways has announced an expansion in its domestic flight services to enhance connectivity across India cities. The new flights which connect major metros to non-metropolitan cities will serve to enhance Jet Airways' domestic footprint and help to facilitate air travel in the newly added cities.

In an industry-first, Jet Airways has introduced direct, return non-stop flights from Indore to Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The airlines has also introduces 11 direct flights (with one-stop in between) between Delhi and Silchar, Dehradun and Jaipur, Chandigarh and Dehradun, Chandigarh and Lucknow, and between Indore and Lucknow.

New, direct non-stop flights between Delhi and Indore, Lucknow, Jaipur as well as connecting Jaipur with Udaipur and Lucknow have been introduced as well.

Jet Airways has also increased capacity on key routes via additional frequencies, that include a 2nd flight between Bengaluru and Guwahati, a 3rd frequency between Delhi and Indore, a 7th daily frequency between Delhi and Lucknow, as well as, Delhi and Jaipur, together with a 2nd daily flight between Delhi and Udaipur.

The schedule of the new, direct non-stop flights is as follows:

Flight Schedule:

Flight No. City of Departure Time of Departure City of Arrival Time of Arrival Frequency
9W 2644 Delhi 0805 hrs Indore 1010 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2266 Indore 1805 hrs Delhi 2010 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2824 Ahmedabad 1205 hrs Indore 1315 hrs Non-stop / 6 Days
9W 2823 Indore 1035 hrs Ahmedabad 1140 hrs Non-stop / 6 Days
9W 2658 Delhi 1240 hrs Lucknow 1405 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2663 Lucknow 1750 hrs Delhi 1915 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2459 Delhi 0745 hrs Jaipur 0855 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2807 Jaipur 1310 hrs Delhi 1410 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2267 Lucknow 1435 hrs Jaipur 1555 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2830 Jaipur 1550 hrs Lucknow 1720 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2830 Indore 1340 hrs Jaipur 1525 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2267 Jaipur 1620 hrs Indore 1740 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2624 Udaipur 1725 hrs Jaipur 1825 hrs Daily Non-stop
9W 2261 Jaipur 1600 hrs Udaipur 1700 hrs Daily Non-stop

All time is local time

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